Software Solutions

Credit applications include advanced features such as VeriShield end-to-end card encryption, CVV2, AVS, high speed communications using SSL encryption, robust host failover and typically have an advanced interface providing an intuitive and fast screen flow.

Gift is quickly becoming a requirement for most merchants as they realize the massive potential for both increased revenue and profits. Gift card applications typically utilize proprietary messaging and communication protocols to perform gift transactions with a gift card provider. Dinamikos has worked closely with the leading gift and loyalty providers in the industry and can deliver custom integrated gift card solutions.

Loyalty, like gift, is popular with merchants looking to expand revenue and profits by building on their returning customer base. A number of standard loyalty programs exist that can be leveraged by creating a custom terminal application to connect with the loyalty providers. Terminal applications can also integrate into proprietary loyalty hosts and services.

Value Added applications take advantage of the multi-application architecture implemented by modern payment terminals. Usually only limited by memory, custom applications can implement functionality such as time and attendance, ticketing, age verification, pre-paid card reloading or any other custom requirement. Dinamikos can design, implement and test custom terminal applications quickly and efficiently to get you to market sooner.